Episode 13: Year In Review

Edward, Tony and Jay talk about what 2014 was like doing the podcast, answering some listeners questions (criticism) and the all important what's in store for 2015. Edward makes Tony uncomfortable by saying nice things about one of his paintings and more. 

Tony Curanaj "Oblivion", Oil on Canvas 2014

Tony Curanaj "Oblivion" Detail, Oil on Canvas


Episode 12: Michael Grimaldi

Amidst protests, police sirens and a booming party below us, we sat down to record a conversation at the Salmagundi Club with one of our favorite artists and dear friend, Michael Grimaldi. Michael has joined the lineage of great artists who teach at the Art Students League of New York, and has become a sought after anatomy instructor, teaching over dissections at Drexel University. He made the unusual choice to dedicate himself to drawing in recent years, and we explore his motivation for this shift. We had a fun conversation and are grateful to have had the chance to speak with one of the most distinguished draughtsmen of our time. We hope you enjoy the conversation!

Thanks again to the Salmagundi Club and Jay Braun

Study for Drowned World II, 2014, Graphite, Gouache and Enamel on Paper, 17x14

Study for 'Loomings', 2013, Graphite and Charcoal on Paper, 18x30

Doorway, Florence, 2014, Pencil on Paper, 18x12

Sleeper, 2014, Graphite on Paper, 17x24

Episode 11: Marc Dalessio

We sat down with a friend and one of our favorite painters, Marc Dalessio. Marc 
primarily paints portraits and landscapes, and has become known for his 
large and small landscapes paintings executed on site. He is a sought 
after teacher, and an international man of mystery.  We had a fun evening
recording a conversation in the Salmagundi Club Library, where Marc told
us about his training in Florence, his experience drawing around riots and
tear gas, and most importantly, his motivation for painting everyday surroundings
all over the world. 

Thanks always to Jay Braun, The Salmagundi Club, and everyone who listens!

Episode 10: Steven Assael

We are honored to have been joined by a legend in the world of contemporary figure painting, Steven Assael. Steven has been a central figure in the realist painting world for decades, instructing at the School ofVisual Arts and at the New York Academy of Art. His work is represented by the prestigious Forum Gallery in New York City.We explored Steven's introduction to art, and what continues to inspire his outstanding paintings. The conversation goes very deep into Steven's philosophy, ranging from cave paintings to Bruce Lee. 
Thanks to the Salmagundi Club for hosting us in their inspiring Library, and to the excellent sound engineering skills of Jay Braun. 
See more of Steven's work at: http://www.stevenassael.com/ 

Preparation of the Bride, 1994, oil on canvas, 96 x 108 inches

Julie, 2008, graphite and charcoal on paper, 13 x 14 1/2 inches

Episode 9: Michael Klein

We sat down at the Salmagundi Club with our friend, the tremendously talented 
Michael Klein to talk about his roots in small-town North Dakota, his life in small-town Argentina, his video magazine, Instructional Documentary, his faith and, of course, his outstanding paintings. You can view his paintings, or purchase his
excellent instructional videos through his website:


The Last Sticks 32"x55", oil on canvas

Floral Interior, 31"x38", oil on linen, 2008


Episode 8: Bill Plympton

In a departure from our focus on painters and painting, we were honored to sit down with two-time Oscar nominated film-maker Bill Plimpton. Bill is a legend in the world of independent film, having produced six animated features and over 40 short films! We had a fun discussion about his oeuvre, and the art and business of film-making. We found lots of common ground between our disciplines and also had the chance to revisit our past in the animation field, in which Bill is a titan. We hope you enjoy! 


Episode 7: Anthony Waichulis

We are excited to share our awesome discussion with one of our favorite artists,  Anthony Waichulis. Anthony paints breathtaking Trompe L'Oeil paintings, runs the Ani Art Academies, and has released a series of instructional DVD's entitled "The Language of Drawing" and "The Language of Painting", both long-term projects designed to share his rigorous training with a larger student base. Anthony is a huge talent at the vanguard of the realist resurgence, a big personality, physically imposing, and a good friend so we had a very fun conversation. Enjoy!


The Voyage, oil on masonite 20x16 inches

Treasures, oil on Masonite 8 x 10 inches

The Chase, Oil on Masonite, 8×10 inches

us being awesome

Episode 6: Vincent Desiderio

Vincent Desiderio is one of the leading figurative painters of our time. His work is featured in collections including the Pennsylvania Academy of Fine Arts, The Metropolitan Museum of Art, The Guggenheim Museum, The Walker Art Center among many others. He is a senior critic at the New York Academy of Art and the Pennsylvania Academy of Fine Arts. Vincent has a reputation as one of the leading intellects in figurative art, and he did not disappoint. We are honored to have him join us on Suggested Donation, at the Salmangundi Club in New York City for a fascinating conversation about his work and his deep love for art history, film and philosophy. The conversation was fun and hugely informative. We hope you enjoy it as much as we did!

"Cockaigne", 1993-2003, Oil on Canvas 112 1/8x 153 3/8 in.

"Mourning and Fecundity ll", 2011, mixed media and oil on canvas 81 1/4 x 107 1/4 in.

Episode 5: George O'Hanlon

We are joined by George O'Hanlon from Natural Pigments for an in depth geek-out on artist's materials. George walks us through his view on the state of the artist's materials business, and the differences in what we are using now versus what artists of the past used.  George is very thoughtful and knowledgeable - to learn more you can sign up for his "Best Practices" lecture, which Tony had just completed before we sat down for the recording. Tony also tests Ted on his materials awareness.  Check out George's great line of artist materials and more info on his site. Enjoy!


Episode 4: Jacob Collins


Jacob is a seminal force in the realist movement. He has taught and mentored countless artists, and inspired many more through his beautiful painting.  His commissions include a Supreme Court Justice, a U.S. President, and his “Eastholm Project” which was a conduit to the forming of the Hudson River Fellowship. He has been featured in numerous interviews and articles, including a profile in "The New Yorker." In the late nineties, he founded the Water Street Atelier and has been at the center of the Atelier Movement ever since, now through the Grand Central Academy. We are excited to bring you a conversation with a teacher, mentor and close friend to both of us. There was no way we were going to stop this conversation short so we just let it go long form. Hope you enjoy it.

Edward Minoff

Carolina, Oil on Canvas, 22 x 20 inches, 2006

Gerard, Oil on Linen  16'' x 16'' inches, 2002 

The Hen Islands from Eastholm, Oil on Canvas, 50'' x 120'' inches, 2008

Episode 3: Patricia Watwood, Part 2

Hey Folks,

In this episode of Suggested Donation we sit down with the amiable Patricia Watwood.  We talk about her solo show "Venus Apocalypse", education, influences and her perspective as a female artist. We divided the conversation into two parts because two is twice as nice. Huzzah!!!!

Patricia Watwood, "Venus Awakes" oil on canvas, 38x34 inches, 2011

Manet, Olympia

Episode 3: Patricia Watwood, Part 1

Hey Folks,

In this episode of Suggested Donation we sit down with the amiable Patricia Watwood.  We talk about her solo show "Venus Apocalypse", education, influences and her perspective as a female artist. We divided the conversation into two parts because two is twice as nice. Huzzah!!!!

Patricia Watwood, "Venus Awakes", oil on canvas, 38x34 inches, 2011

Manet, Olympia

Episode 2: Graydon Parrish

 Graydon Parrish, "Sean", oil on canvas

Graydon Parrish, "Sean", oil on canvas

Hey friends,

In this episode we talk to the very talented artist, historian and educator Graydon Parrish about growing up in Texas, searching for a proper artistic education, his work with color theory and the future of classical art. There are even NYC police sirens! What more can you want?


Our First Episode!

Tony and Ted uncomfortably take the mics for the first time!!!

Hello friends! 
Ted and I met each other 20 years ago in New York City train tunnels doing grafitti. We talked about how much we loved to paint amongst the rats and grime and realized that we were big art nerds. We started this podcast as a way to talk about the arts, share our opinions and interview interesting artists about their craft. Yes, we are still big art nerds.

Enjoy our ramblings!


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