Episode 4: Jacob Collins


Jacob is a seminal force in the realist movement. He has taught and mentored countless artists, and inspired many more through his beautiful painting.  His commissions include a Supreme Court Justice, a U.S. President, and his “Eastholm Project” which was a conduit to the forming of the Hudson River Fellowship. He has been featured in numerous interviews and articles, including a profile in "The New Yorker." In the late nineties, he founded the Water Street Atelier and has been at the center of the Atelier Movement ever since, now through the Grand Central Academy. We are excited to bring you a conversation with a teacher, mentor and close friend to both of us. There was no way we were going to stop this conversation short so we just let it go long form. Hope you enjoy it.

Edward Minoff

Carolina, Oil on Canvas, 22 x 20 inches, 2006

Gerard, Oil on Linen  16'' x 16'' inches, 2002 

The Hen Islands from Eastholm, Oil on Canvas, 50'' x 120'' inches, 2008