Episode 7: Anthony Waichulis

We are excited to share our awesome discussion with one of our favorite artists,  Anthony Waichulis. Anthony paints breathtaking Trompe L'Oeil paintings, runs the Ani Art Academies, and has released a series of instructional DVD's entitled "The Language of Drawing" and "The Language of Painting", both long-term projects designed to share his rigorous training with a larger student base. Anthony is a huge talent at the vanguard of the realist resurgence, a big personality, physically imposing, and a good friend so we had a very fun conversation. Enjoy!


The Voyage, oil on masonite 20x16 inches

Treasures, oil on Masonite 8 x 10 inches

The Chase, Oil on Masonite, 8×10 inches

us being awesome