Episode 24: Jon Demartin

We are pleased to announce the release of our latest installment of Suggested Dontation Podcast, a conversation with acclaimed artist, teacher and now author, Jon DeMartin. We had a blast speaking with Tony’s studio neighbor and friend Jon. We covered baseball, his training with Michael Aviano, the elusive Ketchup Bottle painting, Baldassarre Franceschini and of course his new book: Drawing Atelier, The Figure. You can learn more about Jon, see his work and order his book through his website: www.jondemartin.com . We hope that you enjoy the discussion! As always thanks to the great Jay Braun, the Grand Central Atelier, and especially all of you who continue to listen and send positive comments, feedback and emails! 



TheThree Graces, 2002, red and white chalk, 26 x 19 inches

Soaring, 2012, oil on canvas, 36x24 inches

Faith in the Wilderness, 2006-2007, oil on canvas, 26x53 inches

Bound, 2004, black and white chalk, 18x12 inches