Episode 44: Kerry Dunn

Hey Kids, it’s a new school year and the Suggested Donation gang is back at it with their usual antics! We sat down with artist and teacher Kerry Dunn. Apart from painting his own outstanding portrait and figure work, Kerry has had a front row seat in the building of Nelson Shanks Studio Incamminati where he now works as one of the primary instructors. We traced Kerry’s development from Florida to New York to Philly while recording at his studio in a massive old public school building. We hope you enjoy this one and are excited to be back to work after the summer. 



Toto and I, oil on canvas, 40 x 30 inches

Jason Patrick Jenkins, oil on canvas, 18 x 30 inches

3w4e44455555eeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee, oil on canvas, 28 x 28 inches