Episode 16: James Gurney

We sat down at the Grand Central Atelier's Eleventh Street Arts Gallery to record a much anticipated conversation with artist James Gurney. Our discussion traces his journey from boxcar hopping with Thomas Kinkade and an assortment of hobos to the success of his Dinatopia books to his wildly popular blog Gurney Journey. Through it all, James never stops sketching. We had fun talking shop, and hearing amazing stories from one of the most widely requested guests to be featured on Suggested Donation Podcast. Many thanks to James for taking the time to share his thoughts with us, Jay Braun and the Grand Central Atelier. We hope you enjoy this episode! 





"Dinosaur Parade"

"Garden of Hope"

"Chandara" 24 x 52 inches, from "Dinotopia: Journey to Chandara"

"The Sinking of the Cumberland" commissioned by Nat Geo and currently on display in the Maritime Museum in Virginia.

"Tarquinia"  Nat Geo illustration of the Etruscan "Blue Devil Tomb"

Lightweight sketch pochade