Episode 17: Sadie Valeri

We are proud to release the latest installment of Suggested Donation Podcast with artist, teacher and founder and director of the Sadie Valeri Atelier: you guessed it...Sadie Valeri. Sadie was so generous with her time and her thoughts, and we are grateful that we are able to share this super-fun conversation with you. Sadie's atelier was founded by a grassroots network of artists sought her out after following her outstanding blog which documents her own journey to learn classical drawing and painting techniques. We follow her development from a young Salem girl who noticed how dirt forms on snow, through RISD, and on to her transition from graphic designer to hi-tech web designer to very low-tech indirect oil painter. We hope you enjoy this one! Thanks always to Jay Braun, The Grand Central Atelier for hosting us for this recording, and everyone who continues to listen and write in with much appreciated words of support. 

“Between Darkness and Wonder” | oil in panel | 16 x 20 inches

"Self portrait at 41 in the studio with dog" 31 x 41 inches, oil on linen

"Undersea" 16 x 20 inches, 2011